Value Added Services

Our value added services can have a significant impact on reducing a client’s operational costs. We offer a comprehensive list of services ranging from Pick and Pack to Vendor Managed Inventory. The services are offered as part of our “Total Packaging Supply” service. We’re continuing to add service categories, not only as customers request them, but also as new technologies become available, or new opportunities present themselves. So, if you don’t see a service that might satisfy your needs, please do not hesitate to call us to see how we can customize a service, or develop a new service to accommodate your needs.

Manage and Deliver “Total Packaging Supply”

Our total packing supply solution can include any or all of the following services:

Pick and Pack

We are able to break down skid quantities, and ship whole, or partial units.

Enhanced Warehousing

We offer warehousing and management of packaging, raw materials and finished goods. We offer a number of warehousing services including storage of raw materials and finished goods.

JIT Services

Our JIT delivery service is very flexible and can accommodate next day or same day deliveries. We can also accommodate requests for 24/7 deliveries including evenings and weekends.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our VMI program is an enhanced inventory management system that can integrate with your manufacturing function. We can assess what you are producing in real time, with real time inventories, and deliver products as needed.

Rapid Structural and Graphic Design Services

Drawing from our supply pool of over 50 structural and graphical designers, we have design staff available to work on new projects at a moment’s notice. Depending on the complexity of the drawing, we are able to turnaround a new design within very short time frame - on a wide range of products. In addition, most designs are offered to our clients free of charge.

Product Packaging Analysis and Evaluation

We’ll bring in a team of experts from our different product specific supply teams to analyze your product needs and evaluate your options.

Accounting Services

We offer a number of services including summary billing for aggregating smaller deliveries.

Co-packing (retail)

Our co-packing service provides you a way to reduce your costs when assembling master packs and POP displays. We can purchase components from your suppliers or handle inventory that you have purchased. We can ship directly to your customer on your behalf.

Packaging Assembly

We can assemble different packaging components that require assembly, fitting and/or gluing, and dispatch the completed packaging product to your facility as needed.

Kitting (industrial)

Our Kitting service can reduce your space and labour costs by performing that function at our facility.

Product and Packaging Testing

As part of our customer focused business model, we continually invest in our clients and product testing is part of this. Aside from some very complex products, we absorb the up front costs associated with product testing. We provide this service through our network of independent labs.

SKU Consolidation

We can assess your packaging requirements and develop strategies to reduce the number of packaging products needed in order to achieve greater cost efficiencies, and more simplified administration. Our capacity to source a variety of materials and technologies greatly enhances our ability to come up with packaging designs that optimize the benefits of SKU consolidation

Product Training

Certain alternative packaging solutions may require the use of specialized equipment or machinery for their use (such as a conveyor system). We can offer your staff training on these types of systems through our network of specialized suppliers.

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Packaging Services

Our value added services can have a significant impact on reducing ...



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